One summer night, a storm had been brewing, and considering the heat and humidity, Becca thought she would sleep in just her bra and panties.  After a few hours asleep, the single sheet Becca was under was tossed aside, exposing her entire belly, along with her wonderful belly button.  Becca’s navel is a vertical oval-shaped innie, and pretty deep, too.  Her belly button has plenty of folds and bumps inside to play with.  Becca loved the feeling when her belly button got a good playing with.  She was always jealous of those few friends of hers who happened to have outies.

As the rain poured outside, with lightning and thunder in the distance, Raijin sensed that a belly button was uncovered this night.  Raijin made his way into Becca’s bedroom, and saw her perfect stomach out in the open, with that lovely belly button resting right in the middle.  Raijin decided he’d have a little fun before he would take Becca’s belly button.  He placed his index finger on her belly, his finger beginning to orbit her belly button, moving closer with each revolution of his finger until his finger was circling the rim of her belly button.  At last, Raijin’s finger plunged into the depths of Becca’s navel.

While Raijin’s finger moved through the folds and bumps hiding inside Becca’s belly button, a smile crept onto Becca’s face.  Raijin’s finger danced among all the intricate details within her belly button.  Raijin decided to go a little further with his belly button play.  He decided he would take a little taste test before he would actually eat her belly button.  Raijin moved his face right next to Becca’s belly, bringing his tongue out to meet her navel.  As Raijin’s tongue flicked around inside her belly button, Becca began to stir awake.

“Who are you?” Becca asked.  “I’m Raijin, and I’m just getting a taste of your belly button before I eat it.”  Becca was shocked.  She heard stories of Raijin, but didn’t think he was real.  “You can’t eat my belly button!  I love having it played with.  As much as I enjoyed having you play with it, I’d like to keep it, if you don’t mind.”  An idea popped into Raijin’s mind.  “I’ll tell you what.  Since you didn’t mean to show your belly button tonight, I’ll let you off with this: I still get to have your belly button, but I’ll give you this outie I’ve been holding onto for a while.  How does that trade sound?”  Becca paused to think about it only briefly, mainly a little saddened she would lose her adorable innie.  Aside from this, Becca jumped at the chance to get an outie, after wishing all her life she could have an outie.

“I’ll take the outie,” Becca said with a slight grin on her face.  Raijin moved his index finger into Becca’s belly button, feeling those folds, bumps and ridges for the last time, and took her belly button right off her stomach.  Raijin decided he’d have one last bit of fun with Becca’s navel before he finally ate it.  He pushed on the back of her belly button, flipping it inside out to show all the details that hid inside Becca’s belly button.  “Whoa!  You turned my belly button inside out!  Way cool!  Can I see it up close?”  Raijin agreed to Becca’s request, and moved is finger closer, with her belly button still folded out onto the tip of his finger.  Becca looked to see all the folds stretched open, showing off all the detail inside.  “Goodbye my belly button,” whispered Becca to her belly button.

And with that, Raijin ate Becca’s navel.  “A most delicious belly button!  And now for the outie I promised you.”  Raijin reached into his satchel and brought out the replacement belly button.  Raijin placed the outie on Becca’s belly, and pushed it in a bit.  “There.  Now you have your nice little outie, just like you asked for.”  Becca was now on cloud nine at this point.  “Thank you so much for my new belly button!  I love it already!”  Raijin then left Becca to play with her new belly button.  Becca pushed and pulled on her new outie, and felt all the wonderful sensations associated with her outie-ness.  Becca circled her belly button, then pushed her outie.  Becca was as happy as could be.


Today’s entry in favorite belly buttons happens to be Megan Fox’s navel.  While her acting ability may be is definitely sub-par, Fox is good to look at, now and again.  Of all her physical qualities, I like her belly button the most.  I hardly ever see a belly button like hers, and whenever I do, I look long and hard.  I love a belly button like this.  Many think her belly button looks weird, whereas I admire her navel.  I like how her navel is such a narrow slit, and I find it mysterious, how it hides all the details in her belly button.  I could almost imagine how it might feel to touch her belly button.  My finger might almost get stuck in her belly button, because it’s so narrow.  Maybe I would have a hard time reaching the back of her belly button.  It’s something about her belly button that makes me so curious about what the details of the back of her belly button looks and feels like.

Gallery of Megan Fox pictures


I decided I would start a little series on talking about my favorite belly buttons.  Today, I’ll start with the belly button of Ryu Ji Hye.  She is a Korean supermodel, and I must say, she has a wonderful belly in general.  She has a great figure, which is a major plus to begin with; she’s also Korean, which is a major turn on for me.  For the record, I am biased toward people of Asian descent, especially Koreans and Japanese.

As for Ryu Ji Hye’s belly button, it’s a sight to behold.  Her belly button has a good depth to it, and I’m also able to see some of the detail going into her belly button.  Her navel is also complemented by a nice soft belly.  It’s not too soft, yet it isn’t too muscled or toned, either.  The combination of her navel, her belly, and her figure are sublime.  Her belly button is an adorable innie that I am glad to add to my list of favorite belly buttons.

Links to photos of Ryu Ji Hye:

Just a quick update for all your faces.  I’d like to let you all know that I’m on twitter @navelstories [link].  So if you’re on twitter and want something to follow, by way of this blog, be sure to check me out there, too.  I may post some quick thoughts over there, that wouldn’t ordinarily make the cut as a long form blog post.

For today’s post, I thought I would share a belly button sighting experience from my past.  If I remember correctly, I think this happened during my freshman year in high school.  For comparison, I’m a senior in college now.  This will be a short story.  Enjoy!


There was a girl I liked back in high school, and I sat next to her in one of my classes, and the class itself was just your regular algebra class, so nothing special.  Although, what made things interesting was the fact that she liked to stretch at least once per day.  When she stretched, she brought her arms up, bending her back in such a way as to allow her shirt to come up, revealing a good amount of her belly, and her shirt came well above her belly button.  Sometimes she wore a shirt that was just short enough, so that when she stretched, her shirt came up to the bottom of her ribs.  Needless to say, a lot of her belly was showing.

Since I sat right next to her, I was able to get a good view of her belly button.  It was much easier for me to get a good view of her belly button during the time before class, as well as during the break just before class was about to let out, as opposed to during the class period.

During those times when I could see her start to stretch, I saw as her shirt came up, and I could see how her belly changed as she stretched.  Her belly flattened out some as it stretched.  Since she did that vertical kind of stretch where she raises her arms, her navel stretched with her belly.  Her belly button stretched into a vertical slit kind of belly button.  I find it awesome that I was able to see down into her belly button as she did this kind of stretching.  Especially when she stretched like that, her belly button seemed to be incredibly deep.

Fortunately for me, her eyes closed when she stretched, so she didn’t catch me staring at her belly button as she stretched.  Other people didn’t seem to notice, since they were busy with whatever they were doing at the time.  And that’s all of my story.

To start off this blog right, I thought I would share a story I wrote last night.  I figured this one should be fiction.  I may occasionally update this story to keep improving it, so if you would like to help improve the story, just comment with suggestions as to where the story may need improvements.  And now, without further ado, I now present:

Shapeshifting Navel

Sarah and I have been together a while.  As far as girlfriends go, she’s been amazing.  She even shares my love for belly buttons.  We both have innies, except Sarah’s is approximately a vertical oval in shape; that, and my belly button is deeper than hers.  We would play with our belly buttons daily.  One night was interesting, though.  “Can we press our bellies together?” Sarah asked me.  “Sure thing,” I replied.  Sarah pressed her belly onto mine, her belly button placed directly over my own.  Sarah and I are of close enough height, that it was no problem for her to press her belly into mine, or to put her belly button over my navel.

Here’s where things get interesting.  “There’s been something I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while, Dan.  There’s something special I can do with my belly button…  I can make it shapeshift,” Sarah told me.  Her belly button then began inverting itself, turning into an outie stalk, and started pressing deep into the folds and crevices of my deep innie.  I then felt the most wonderful sensation in the seat of my belly button.  I could feel the flesh of her belly button bonding with mine, our belly buttons becoming one.  My body shuddered with pleasure as our belly buttons were made one.  “Sarah, that feels amazing,” I told her.  She replied, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Yet another sensation started rushing through the seat of my belly button.  She was doing to my belly button what had been done to hers.  She was giving me the ability to shapeshift my belly button.  “Now let’s have some fun with your belly button, shall we?” Sarah asked.  While I had gained the ability to shapeshift my belly button, Sarah had to teach my belly button several patterns.

First, Sarah made my belly button an outie, making a swirly outie, and then making a round marble outie.  After each transformation, Sarah released her belly button from mine, allowing me to touch, feel and see her work.  I was amazed at how my belly button changed so well into an outie.  My belly button felt just like any ordinary outie at this point.  It was as if I always had an outie.  It was strange, seeing and feeling my belly button as an outie, after having an innie all my life.  This was a dream come true, for my belly button to be transformed into a real outie.

Then she made my belly button exactly like hers, a somewhat oval vertical innie.  Another new experience, for my belly button to be just like Sarah’s.  It was so strange, for me to touch this belly button of mine, this innie I had always known to be Sarah’s belly button, yet her belly button now rested on my belly as well.

Then Sarah made my belly button a round shallow innie, with all the folds and bumps visible at the surface, and a rim around the opening of my belly button.  Those folds and bumps, much like the details found within my usual deep innie now at the surface, is amazing.  I pressed my finger into this shallow innie, being filled by the pad on the end of my index finger.  I swirled my finger around some, feeling my entire belly button be so easily pushed and pulled by the end of my finger.

Sarah then made my belly button deeper than my original innie, deep enough to put my entire index finger inside.  Sarah also made my belly button a T-shape innie, and after that a vertical slit innie.  It’s amazing how flexible my belly button can be with regard to shapes.  Then she returned my belly button back to its original deep innie pattern.  This is how I got the ability to shapeshift my belly button.

Again, another spasm of pleasure was about to sweep through the base of my belly button and throughout my belly.  Sarah’s belly button again inverted itself into my belly button.  Only this time, after our belly buttons bonded together, Sarah’s belly button pulled itself back to its innie pattern, bringing my navel with it, drawing out the inner depths of my belly button into her belly.  Then Sarah released the connection our belly buttons had, and soon my navel snapped back to its usual innie pattern.  At this point, waves of pleasure rippled throughout my body.  “Oh God! Sarah, that felt amazing!” I exclaimed.  “I knew you would enjoy that,” Sarah replied.

After this happened, I then had some fun with her belly button.  My belly button then inverted into a similar outie stalk, pressing itself into hers, studying all the folds, bumps and crevices of her belly button.  I made her belly button look just like my own, the same shape, and just as deep, with all the little folds and textures found within.  I find it interesting, to see the belly button I had known for so long on my belly, to be copied over onto Sarah’s belly.  I examined closely, to find that all the folds, bumps and all, perfectly copied into Sarah’s belly button.  I decided to have a little fun with this copy of my belly button.  I first did the usual treatment of fingering, and soon moved on to tasting and feeling around the belly button with my tongue.  Sarah’s body shivered at the touch of my tongue in her belly button.  “Mmm…” Sarah sighed.  “Dan, that feels amazing!”  After this little episode, I returned my belly up to hers, pressing my belly into Sarah’s, placing my belly button directly over hers again.  I tuned Sarah’s belly button back to her usual slightly oval vertical innie.

Then I did what Sarah did to my belly button earlier.  My belly button inverted itself into hers, our navels bonding together, at which point, I drew my belly button back inward, bringing out her belly button into my own.  I savored the feeling of my belly button holding onto her navel, keeping it in place in the depths of my belly button.  I moved my belly button around, as if massaging her belly button using my own.  I knew Sarah was enjoying this, because her breathing had changed, she was softly moaning in pleasure, her eyes half-closed.  I then released the connection our belly buttons shared, feeling her belly button snap back into place as her usual, nearly oval innie.  When I released her belly button from my hold, I could feel Sarah’s belly shudder in ecstasy over what I had just done.  “I haven’t had anyone do that to my belly button in quite a long time,” Sarah said.

Sarah taught me how to shapeshift my belly button, we taught each other the patterns of our own belly buttons, she taught me the belly button patterns she knows, and we pleasured our bellies.  This was a truly wonderful evening.